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~*Usagi's Diary*~

A Moon Rabbit Pounds the Mochi

Tsukino Usagi (月野 うさぎ)


"Rabbits on the run..."

¤ Character Info ¤

•NAME » Tsukino Usagi (月野 うさぎ)
•FANDOM » Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action TV series)
•AGE » 14 (16 in Facility)
•SPECIES » Human
•SEX » Female
•TIMELINE » Act 39


Sailor Moon - With her Heart Moon Necklace and Lipstick, Usagi can call out the words "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" and transform into the sailor suited fighter (senshi), Sailor Moon. When transformed, her Heart Moon Necklace becomes a brooch. Sailor Moon uses a crescent shaped wand called the Moonlight Stick and a tiara to destroy enemies called youma (妖魔; lit. "Bewitching Demon"). Attacks with the Moonlight Stick are Moon Twilight Flash, a light beam attack, and Moon Healing Escalation, a beam used to restore youma victims to health and their rightful minds. With Moon Tiara Boomerang, she can throw her glowing tiara at enemies to weaken them.

The senshi transformation also increases her agility and fighting prowess, though strategy's not her forte. In the live action series, Usagi cannot sense the presence of good or evil forces, though she can sense when loved ones are in danger from them. When not Sailor Moon, Usagi can use Teletia-S, a camera phone, to take on anyone else's appearance as a convenient disguise; it also serves as a communicator.

Princess Sailor Moon - The Moon Princess, Serenity, emerges in Usagi's body as Princess Sailor Moon when Usagi is deeply agitated or sleeping. When in this form, Princess Serenity can float in the air and teleport. The Princess wields her Princess Sword--counterpart to Sailor Moon's wand--by absorbing the power used against her, cutting a pentagram into it, and then unleashing it back on her enemies in a massive fireball attack. She also uses the sword to toss enemy power aside, leaving fiery destruction in her wake. The sword can transform into a harp which Serenity uses to express her sorrow, heal others, or restore other damage.

The key source of her power is the Illusionary Silver Crystal (Maboroshi no Ginzuishou) that exists within her body. Its power flares whenever Usagi/Serenity is distressed, and it is linked to a destructive entity on Earth called Queen Metalia. With or without this link, however, the Crystal's power is capable of causing large-scale earthquakes or destroying a planet and its moon, leaving behind a desert waste. It is also capable of restoring the planet, but at the cost of the user's life.

Facility RP - Usagi has her Heart Moon Necklace and can transform into Sailor Moon. As Serenity, she is incapable of destroying the world. She lost Teletia-S upon arrival; if regained, its disguise power would be halved but it could be used to communicate with other senshi in the Facility. Usagi has no civilian fighting abilities except the Chozo martial arts Samus Aran of Metroid taught her for self-defense purposes, but since Samus was terminated, those skills are getting rusty.

Sailor Moon: Fight rank = 7/7/4/7 • Powers = 50%
- Items: Heart Moon Necklace, Lipstick, Moonlight Stick, Tiara
Princess Serenity: Fight rank = 7/10/4/9.5 • Powers = 30%
- Items: Princess Sword/Harp


"All I hear is the music..."


Usagi - She acts a lot like her namesake, the bunny rabbit. She loves to eat sweets, have slumber parties, sleep late, and sing karaoke, especially songs by her favorite pop idol, Aino Minako. Easily distracted, she rarely keeps focus on her duties for long. She shines with enthusiasm, and sometimes it irritates those around her who are trying to be serious. Her space cadet ways and difficulty prioritizing keep her grades very low. However, she can be serious, especially when those she loves are hurt or in danger.

She's also bold, not letting rumors or social restrictions keep her from making friends; in fact, she has many friends, and it is rare to see her alone. She's so open and friendly, she will use the honorific "-chan" with any girl she has just met, thinking nothing of making the girl an instant friend. She is, however, aware of social norms and takes care to use proper speech when needed. Her happy-go-lucky nature sometimes makes her fail to notice or appreciate the troubled feelings of her friends, but she is always concerned for them and wants them to be happy.

Princess Serenity - She is Usagi's past self and a restless spirit. She first emerges in Usagi when Chiba Mamoru, the reincarnation of her forbidden lover, Prince Endymion, is captured. Serenity is obsessed with Endymion, claiming he was the only one who ever treated her like a person and not a princess, and becomes violent if he is hurt or taken from her. Believing she can never be with Endymion because the world is doomed to a second destruction, Serenity either plays her harp in melancholy solitude or fights without caring who gets injured in the crossfire. Though cold and reckless, she's not completely unkind and is willing to heal others with her harp. In later episodes, she takes greater control of Usagi's body no matter how hard Usagi fights to keep her powers suppressed.

Facility RP - Despite the Facility's many tortuous tests, Usagi's cheerful personality has changed very little since she first arrived. If anything, the experience has made her a stronger person and a deeper thinker. She has made many friends and wants to be hopeful for them; she believes this is the best way to beat the Consortium.


Usagi - Petite and cute, she has black hair that hangs to mid-back in two ponytailed buns. She's often seen wearing her middle school's sailor uniform, which has a blue skirt and white top with a red bow, or wearing casual clothes like printed t-shirts, jeans, short skirts, knee socks, and sneakers. When transformed into Sailor Moon, her hair turns blond and she wears a leotard version of a sailor school uniform with a pink bow and tall, pink boots.

Princess Serenity - She appears as a princess with a white gown, long, black hair, and a golden crescent moon on her forehead; she also transforms and does battle as Princess Sailor Moon, wearing a more frilly leotard, jeweled tiara, and white boots.

Facility RP - Usagi has aged two years, but the only change to her appearance is light scarring around her left knee from being bitten by Chase Young in his beast form.

More on Usagi's powers, personality, and appearance can be found here.


"Beauty stands before me..."


Silver Millenium - Thousands of years ago, Usagi lived as Princess Serenity on the moon during a reign of great prosperity and peace called the Silver Millenium. However, all that changed when Serenity and Prince Endymion of the Earth fell in love. Not only was their love forbidden, but it provoked a jealous Earth woman to turn to a dark, mysterious force called Queen Metalia, lead the Dark Kingdom as Queen Beryl, and attack the moon. When Endymion died in battle protecting Serenity, the grief-stricken Serenity couldn't bear to live without him and destroyed the world.

Present - Reincarnated as a modern, teenage girl, Usagi remembered nothing of her past life. She grew up in a boisterous household with her father (rarely home because of work), zany mother and little brother, and went about her days in blissful ignorance, struggling only to keep her grades up, her weight down, and her room stocked with the latest Aino Minako music. At least, that was until a talking plush cat named Luna walked into her life, gave her a magical brooch, and told her she had to save the world from the Dark Kingdom. After that, she started fighting monsters and searching for the Moon Princess and Silver Crystal with her new friends, the Sailor Senshi. After many adventures and battles, she learned the shocking truth that she was the Princess and that the Silver Crystal was inside her. Moreover, she learned her love for the jewel thief Tuxedo Kamen, which by then extended to his true identity as Chiba Mamoru, was forbidden because a dark history was about to repeat itself. All she had to hang onto after Mamoru was captured by Queen Beryl, who still vied for his affections, was the pendant watch he gave her and the promise that their love would not destroy the world again.

Facility RP - Usagi has spent over two years as a human test subject. This has exposed Usagi to a wide range of people and experiences, traumas, and separation from her first love, Mamoru. The time spent in Facility with Sailor Venus altered her perception of Minako from a dazzling idol to a challenging friend. Usagi gained motivation for greater self-discipline by learning about Minako's fate in their world, accidentally injuring her Facility friends with her powers, and having the Facility collar weaken those powers enough to allow for more training.

Her fellow subjects compiled what information they know about the Facility here.


"Love comes back around again..."

¤ OOC Info ¤

Overall Info

•Rating » G - R
•Death » Feel free to ask!
•Smut » NO
•Het - Yuri » Attached to Mamoru, but feel free to ask! - NO


Player Info

•Name » Michelle | ran_mouri82
•MSN » RanMouri82[at]live[dot]com
•YIM » ranmouri82
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•E-Mail » RanMouri82[at]gmail[dot]com


"It's a carousel, my friend"

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Tsukino Usagi © Takeuchi Naoko
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